Practical WhatsApp trick: the messenger no longer trashes your cell phone

the messenger no longer trashes your cell phone

WhatsApp has two billion active users worldwide. More than 60 million messages are sent every day with the popular messenger. Many of them are photos or videos – and that often takes up a lot of cell phone memory. We’ll show you here how to avoid this problem with a simple trick.
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It doesn’t matter whether we’re sharing pictures of our meal, exchanging math homework, sending selfies or just chatting with friends and family. With frequent use and long chats, applications such as WhatsApp happily take up a few gigabytes of storage space. That alone and normal use of the cell phone can push the capacities of a smartphone without expandable memory to its limits.
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However, it is often the case that WhatsApp loads the cell phone memory beyond the application. On the one hand, the messenger saves pictures that were taken and sent in the chat in the photo gallery of the smartphone. On the other hand, photos that you receive also migrate into the recordings.
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WhatsApp for iOS: A simple trick saves smartphone storage space

This will prevent WhatsApp from taking up storage space unnecessarily.

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The fact that WhatsApp not only saves sent and received images in the chat itself, but also in the recordings of the smartphone, can be easily switched off under iOS. With the following setting you have more storage space available again in no time:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  2. Then go to the “Settings” tab
  3. Now select the “Chats” section
  4. Turn off “Save to recordings”

Now only the pictures are saved in your recordings that you took in the chat and then sent.
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WhatsApp for Android: This is how the messenger doesn’t fill up your smartphone

Unfortunately, under Android you cannot turn off WhatsApp from saving the media in the gallery. If you still don’t want to lose track of the overview in the picture gallery, you can prevent the photos and videos from continuing to be displayed there:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  2. Now open the settings here
  3. In the “Chats” tab you will find the item “Media visibility”
  4. Here you can now deactivate “Show newly downloaded media in your phone’s gallery”

Now the WhatsApp media are only displayed in the chat.

Note: In iOS, duplicates of the media are created – on Android, the photo is also deleted from the chat as soon as it is removed from the gallery. Under Android it is only a shortcut – but iOS stores a copy in the photos, which remains even if the WhatsApp original is deleted.
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